Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time management challenges

On a lighter note, how would you manage this schedule?

5:00 PM meet babysitter on campus, get baby, drive to afterschool program
5:20 PM pick up boys at afterschool program
5:30 PM pick up dinner at McDonald's for boys as a reward for completing their homework at the afterschool program ... I HOPE
6:00 PM ransack house looking for papers for Mutual
7:00 PM Mutual with three kids, two game boys, a bottle and a desperate prayer
8:00 PM ditch stake YW meeting in favor of putting kids to bed
8:00 PM American Idol

See my conflict there? I KNOW FOR A FACT my kids are going to want to stay up and watch Idol. I would let them stay up until 9 but it goes until 10! And it is going to take me half an hour to get them to bed! And I cannot work my VCR!

Well, not exactly. I theoretically know how to record a show. The real problem is that we don't have cable, just broadcast (which supposedly limits the amount of TV we watch although you would never know it by the way I was glued to Super Nanny last night) and if I hook the antenna to the VCR the reception does not come through well on the TV.

So you see, I know exactly what is wrong, and I know what to do; I am not losing my Ms. Fixit nerve. I am just not willing to get cable to fix this particular issue.

Because then I would do nothing but watch Food Network and HGTV all day, every day. I would lose my job and my family would starve in squalor.

Ha! I am a dork! Seriously, I need ideas.


Mary said...

Have you ever considered begging out of mutual when G is not around? Maybe that's not an option but this all sounds like too much for me. I wish I was there to help you. Maybe if G goes again I could come out there. I think plane tickets to Fresno are expensive, but seriously, I don't have that much going on and I am dying to see Z.

Ana said...

I have begged out ... but tonight I just can't. It is a big night. It feels like we are doing 2 New Beginnings this year, that is how big tonight is. And I have a part to do. And G decided to do this trip at the last minute and I just feel like I can't do a thing about it.