Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I like to take my time

Are you singing and thinking of Fred Rogers and getting that good old PBS-style warm fuzzy feeling?

Good, because the story I am about to tell you ... sucks.

Last night Z's babysitter was so kind and brought her to me on campus at 5:15. I took off in a rush to go get the boys.

I rushed so much that when I went to turn left at one of the busiest intersections in town, I ran into the median. Blew out my tire and ruined the rim. Called G in tears. Spent the next 45 minutes waiting for roadside assistance.

I will never ever ever go without roadside assistance. Blown out tires aside, I do enough dumb tricks like locking my keys in the car and leaving my lights on that roadside assistance is an absolute must. We get ours through our insurance. Yes, I really do like them enough to give them a link. They do a good job. I have had it ever since we bought our first car in 1996 (and yes, that was 3 years after we were married) and I have never regretted it.

But enough about that. Moral of the story: don't hurry.

The other thing I will never go without (I hope) is a rock of a husband who is never mad when I do these dumb things, just concerned that I am okay and composed enough to call my visiting teacher to go get my kids before the after-school program calls CPS. (Which they will do if I am later than 6 PM. Crazy!)

Today is a darn big day at work. No hurrying. No mini-explosions. It's bad enough I am driving on a donut.

I like to take my time and do it right. Thanks, Mr. Rogers.

Oh, and I ditched Mutual. And the kids fell asleep in front of the TV watching that fiasco of an American Idol debut. Why did they show all the kooks? It's like rewarding their weirdness. Let's hope this season gets a lot better.


Victoria said...

Oh dear, sorry. Glad you had road side assistance and a loving dh.

Whenever I rush I end up hurting myself, never a pretty thing, that's why I like my motto "Just Breathe" I need to be reminded to.

AI will get better, they are just doing what they think we all like, seeing the silly's, I actually like to see some, just not as many as they showed, I wanna see some real good ones too. Maybe tonight will be better? Doubtful

Tammy said...

Goodness, I am so glad you are okay. On the hurrying well, I learned this lesson ~ or continue to learn this lesson as I hobble about ~ well these last 10 weeks. I broke my foot hurrying up the stairs on a very stressful, crazy day.

I am glad you and Z are okay. And ditto on American Idol... we'll see.

SalGal said...

Oh Banana! I am so sorry! (((Hugs))) Very glad to hear that all ended up well, though.

How did it go with the new chancellor today?

Love you!

Ana said...

Not announced yet ... I am sitting here by the phone needing to pee waiting for someone to tell me to set things in motion.

As soon as I go to the bathroom, you know they will call ...

ridgechick said...

Awww! Hugs Ana... sounds like a rough day! I hope tomorrow goes a little more smoothly!


Bek said...

Ana, that stinks. I hate it when I have a TON to do and just end up making myself in a worse situation. At least you got to skip mutual, right? Glad you guys are all ok and hope that tomorrow is better. Maybe you used all the bad karma for the week....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana -- being a female and mostly unknowledgeable about ANYthing auto-related, I wouldn't be without my roadside assistance either. BUT -- I read a few articles recently about roadside assitance by insurance companies. Did you know that they "count" your service calls as insurance "claims"???!! If you try to change insurance companies, those calls will just show up as "claims", not specifying that they were service calls -- and you'll have a hard time getting a decent rate if you use the service too much! AAA's too expensive, and seems to go up every year. I just joined a new service called All America Roadside ($49-something for my whole family!), which I already like better than my old AAA. Anyhow, glad you and yours are safe & sound!