Monday, January 15, 2007

Purses for Haiti

From my friend Heather:


On March 23rd I'm traveling to Haiti with 18 others for 10 days to work with Healing Hands for Haiti. This is a non-profit organization that has set up a rehabilitation clinic in Haiti providing help for the disabled citizens there. Because I'm not medically trained, I've been asked to be the director of the Care Givers School. This is a four day course teaching orphange workers basic skills that can actually save the lives of the children living in the orphanages. I'm sending you this e-mail to see if you could help in any of the following three ways:

#1 In order to try to raise money to pay for translators, I have designed a Valentine purse that I will make and send to the first 10 people who donate $40 or more to Healing Hands for Haiti. Shipping will be extra and not tax deductible. Could you please send the following link to anyone who you think might be interested in donating and would like to receive this purse in time for Valentine's Day? This offer will end Feb. 2nd. Here's the link:

#2 For those of you who live in the Pleasant Grove area, the team will be packing all of our personal belongings (except for mosquito nets) in a carry on bag leaving our two suitcases free to bring over critically needed supplies for the orphanges and clinics. Top priority are vitamins and pain relievers (Ibuprofen, aspirin and acetominophen). Could you please look through your cupboards and see if you have any vitamins and pain relievers that you could spare? Open bottles are okay.

[If you want Heather's information for this purpose and feel confident you can convince me you are not a creepy stalker, email me.]

#3 I need your creativity. After the orphanage workers have finished this four day course they are presented with a certificate. You would think they have graduated from college they are so proud to receive this "diploma". I've been asked to come up with some ideas to make the graduation ceremony special for these graduates. I'd like to present each person who completes the course with a small gift. I can bring the raw materials over from America and have lots of volunteers to help assemble the gifts in the evenings when the clinic is closed. Each graduate will have their picture taken, and I'd like to do something with the pictures as well. Any other ideas you have as to how I can make the graduation ceremony itself special will also be welcome.
To give you just a brief snapshot of what Healing Hands for Haiti is about, I created a short 1 min video available on the web for your view. Please take the time to see it, (no need to download it onto your computer) and share it with your friends. Be sure the volume is turned up on your computer. And I have found that when I click the bottom right hand corner of the pop up window the movie will enlarge to fill the window. If you own a Mac you won't be able to see the video, sorry.

Click here to view the video. The last picture in the video is of graduates of the Care Givers School from two years ago.

For more information about Healing Hands for Haiti, you can visit their website at

Thank you for helping me be a healing hand for Haiti.


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Bek said...

I will donate, but don't need a purse. Also, in Africa, getting a certificate is the biggest incentive we can give...even bigger than money. I was suprised to hear that and love that whoever is in charge of this recongizes the cultural differences... :-)