Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Dr. G

G got a letter from a job he applied for. It was not a rejection letter. It was just a "make sure your application is complete" letter. OK, that was a relief.

It was also addressed to "Dr. G." Very funny! Very cool!

This particular job is a tenure track faculty position here in our region. The education/research profile they say they are looking for fits G perfectly, and they say they will accept an ABD candidate. (That means "All But Dissertation," which is where G is at this point. I didn't know that, either, until this year.) If he got it, I think I could keep my job at least until we were better established financially -- maybe until he got tenure or something like that. Plus, it's one hour closer to Disneyland!

I know that someone who is actually already done and has completed a postdoc or two will probably be the one to get it. But I can hope!

G had a great day yesterday -- I guess he finally got his data all plotted and discussed it with one of his collaborators at Livermore, and it's looking really good, showing some previously unknown scientific facts and stuff, which is what you are supposed to do to get a Ph.D. the way I understand it.

So, watch out, here comes Dr. G. I'm proud!


Bek said...

great job dr. G!! That would be ideal, huh?


SalGal said...


I am trembling with joy and trepidation for you!! It would be so wonderful for you guys, but I would very much miss my best friend!

Good luck, Cucumber Man!!!


Victoria said...

How awesome! Dr. G! YAY! I hope something works out soon, this all will be worth it.