Friday, March 31, 2006

Uncertainty is sometimes better

Remember last week when I was complaining about uncertainty? I take it back. Sometimes it is better when you can still hope for the best. It's giddy fun to imagine all the positive things that can happen, when you are uncertain.

G did not get the job he interviewed for last Friday. They sent a skinny little rejection letter. It cannot have gone out any later than Tuesday -- it arrived yesterday. That kind of speed somehow makes me think that their interview process was a sham, that they had already decided who they were going to hire and that it was probably the part time geology teacher they already have. Who, we have on good authority, is boring and not particularly liked by students.

I'm so sad for G. I'm so worried that he is going to be depressed. He really, really thought he had this one nailed. His application rocked (I should know) and he said his interview went well. He felt so good about it. I told him I know how he feels. "I know you do," he said.

Well, anyhow, happy Cesar Chavez's birthday. I have the day off work and am planning to sew tutus all the livelong day. And direct lots of good thoughts toward my husband and pray for him in my heart. It sucks to be crushed.