Thursday, March 09, 2006

If I don't want to sink

Here is what I have to do.
  • Exercise every day
  • Read scriptures every day
  • Pray every day -- for real, not for rote
  • Eat appropriate foods
  • Focus and be productive at work and at home

Isn't it funny that these are the things you feel the very least like doing when you think you might be sinking?

Wouldn't it be swell if going to bed for a few days really actually helped?


Bek said...

so very, very true!!

I have been thinking about you since reading your last post. Very interesting thoughts and difficult to answer ones. I have had a few of these....some I am still trying to figure out!

How is the furniture? I love the lines.

Allison said...

It's true, sometimes you have to give yourself tough love (I hate that term, but it fits, I guess). Be kind to yourself, though.

Island Queen said...

Those are great! I usually do To-Do lists for running errands but not for myself. Thank you for reminding us to do this!

Found you by way Melissa's Mysteries & Musings :-) Nice to meet ya!