Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hair election

I'm thinking it's time for me to start taking care of myself like a grownup. Meaning, I have scheduled a cut and color appointment at an actual salon, not Supercuts. It's close to campus, and a girl from my ward went there and got an ultra cute cut, and it was only $20. I'm paying $16 at Supercuts by the time I leave a tip, anyway, so it's not really such a leap. I got myself all likkered up with a Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Blended Creme to overcome my anxiety about this in order to make the actual appointment. Starbucks is in the same shopping center as the salon.

I know that sounds like an April Fool's joke. But it is not! My appointment is Friday.

So here are some hair styles I like, that I could pretty much do with my hair. Actually my hair is not quite long enough yet for style #3, but I love the color in that one. I'm thinking about that color, with some lowlights on the bottom layers, kind of like in #5 only not that extreme.

As for the style, I'm interested in your input. I know it's April, not November. But vote for your favorite! Help me grow up here!


Kelly Jacobs said...

Alright! Had a second to myself tonight (while Braden's off at the priesthood session) and decided to stop by your blog---and just in time to vote on your hair! Well, Ana, there's probably something really unjust about taking opinions from a person 2000 miles away who won't have to fix/look at/defend the new hair style---but I like numbers 3,5, and 6...and I think your instincts about the color are very good. (I like the color in #3, as well....too bad my color never looks that good. I've taken my mother's advice to get it done at a reputable salon---but, on our budget, that means it can only get done ever 4 months, which means the root color has absolutely overtaken my head by the time they see me again. Ah, life.)
And, if it counts for anything, I think you're lovely.

SalGal said...

Ok. After much thought and pondering of the consequences, I'm voting for #5. Cut and color. I've tried picturing you with different hair colors before, but nothing has looked quite right (to me). I think #5 provides the drama and change that you're looking for, and I think the two-tone thing would be really good for you. Maybe not that dark on the undercolor, but definitely something significantly different from the top layer.

And I think you're lovely just as you are, too!

p.s. I have another psychotic revelation for you... we went to IHOP for dinner last night and I reeeeeeeally liked the waitresses hair color so I asked her if I could snap a couple of pics with the phone so I can show my hair lady!

Lisa M. said...

I like five and six.

you'll have to show us what you decide.

Great idea to snap photo's of hair you like!


I so need to grow up too.

Hummm a double what? Maybe that would give me some ambition.

Frog Legs said...

I like #6 and the last one. :) Happy cutting!

jannet said...

ok, ana - i like #5 and #7 for you! i think i like #7 just because it looks so cute and easy to style - very you ... then again, #5 looks you, too! just jazzier? if that makes ANY sense at all. the color would be fun, too - i just can't wait to see what you do!

Anne/2rosebud said...

I like the cut of #8 and #10, and totally agree with your color choice!