Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An American Idol blog

Okay, I can't resist. Because I just have to know if anybody else noticed the things I noticed.

I missed Mandisa, which makes me sad. I have been starting to really like her the last couple of weeks.

Came in for Bucky and hated it. It's a shame because the guy has a GOOD voice but he just can't find a place for himself within these last two categories.

Paris was absolutely outstanding tonight, I LOVED her. Finally! There was just not a single flaw in that performance. She is adorable and really put it all together tonight.

Taylor was okay, I thought that was a poor song choice because it gives so much time to the band. Every phrase is followed by equal time of instrumentals, KWIM? It did not give him time to shine. I loved when he had the sax player come out. I can see where he would be better and more comfortable leading a huge band onstage and really bringing it all together. I did not see the energy I saw last week from Taylor.

Katherine was also fabulous. Her voice is just amazing. However, she bugged me when she started talking about double stick tape and "feeling free." Um, yeah, she just got the guy vote. Not that any guys are admitting to watching AI but come on.

Lisa, MEH, she is another one who has a lot of talent but has not really found a place for herself. She is kind of like a black 21st century Debbie Gibson, and I just don't know if that will fly in the music market today. Sadly.

Kevin ... it was not a great vocal but it was the most honest and appealing that I have seen him. I hate him a lot less after tonight. It helped to get his bangs up off his forehead. (We call that "Bim Bangs," from when my nephew Ben used to call himself Bim when he was 2 and had hair like that.)

Chris. Oh, Chris. My boyfriend Chris. You are a freaking plagiarist and I am utterly disappointed. For those who are not aware, he totally did Live's version of that song. Look it up on Rhapsody or iTunes if you don't believe me!!! Last week he did it with Chili Peppers but at least then he gave credit. This week, he just totally lifted it and let everybody give him the credit for "making it his own." I'm so sad that someone so hot, with such a good voice, could have so little of his own creativity. It also makes him look really ignorant, that the only Stevie Wonder song he knew was one done by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the only 50s song he knew was one done by Live. Boo! On the bright side, my DH is now feeling a little less insecure when I am watching AI. LOL ...

Eliot, vocally very impressive but did not really connect with the audience. And he still looks like he walked right off the set of O Brother Where Art Thou, which I can't really get over. Sorry but it's true.

Kellie, I loved the song she chose and I can't find too much fault with her vocal, within its genre, even though it's not really my thing. I actually do like Patsy Cline, though. Anyway there was just a little weird pronunciation going on when she kind of half-yodeled some of the really strong notes in the back of her throat. But overall the performance was good. It's just that she is a total stupid, annoying bimbo who cannot shut up to save her life, and I hate her. Nothing can be done about it.

Ace. I can hardly hear him over the insistent beeping of the gaydar. Not that there's anything wrong with that ... hahaha! And there were a lot of pitch problems in that song, and I'm surprised nobody really seemed to notice. Didn't really like it, at all. Sorry to the cute 7yo girl who announced him.


SalGal said...

I am not so fortunate to be able to get reception for FOX. I do so miss Simon. I think he's me as a man. In that job, anyway.

SarahLynn said...

we seemingly dislike/like the same people! you have reasons! :)

Nice idol chat.