Monday, March 13, 2006

The bag's off the cat

Glenn told his advisor today, so this means I can tell people too: He's interviewing for a faculty position at our local community college.

He really, really wants it. After spending a couple of bored and lonely years solely on research, he was a changed man when he got back into the classroom this past fall. He loves it. He is a brilliant teacher and a real people person. Today as I was driving past the canal on campus I saw him showing his Environment in Crisis students how to collect water samples. He was really in his element and I just thought -- that is right.

So he's going for the community college job. And with the brazen bias only a wife can display, I have to say they would be idiots not to hire him. Beyond the fact that teaching is a gift for him, he is also incredibly smart, passionate, caring and well-connected. He can hook his students up with the US Geological Survey, the national labs at Livermore and Berkeley, not to mention our campus here.

Plus, summers off. For the first time in years I am thinking it might be smart for me to get a master's degree and try to get such a job myself. Can you imagine how much time we could spend at the beach, and how much we could save on daycare?

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Lisa M. said...

Wishing him all the best.

*Fingers crossed*