Friday, March 03, 2006

Zoom zoom zoom

Today I am at home, supposedly caring for my little potato who is recovering from ear/throat surgery. He is pretty independent, though. So I decided to tackle a project I've been wanting to get started on for, oh, forever.

Last summer we bought a dining set at a garage sale for $150. It is basically buttugly. Pickle finish, faux French country style, upholstered seats in pastel floral canvas.

I'm going to reupholster the seats in a brown and black wipe-offable leaf fabric (much friendlier for our spill-happy family) and paint the wood black. So today I sanded down two leaves, removed the seats of two chairs, took off the ugly fabric, and sanded the chairs. Super fun because I got to use my power drill to take out screws, and my new little Black & Decker "Mouse" pad sander. (Thus the zoom zoom title, although I do in fact also drive a Mazda.)

I need to go buy the black paint and stuff, and also a staple gun. Yay, more tools for me ...

But I have to decide something. Am I going to just paint it black, then sand off some of the black to shabby-chic it? Or am I going to do a crackle finish? Do you think the crackle finish is all overwith? Help me out here.


Julie said...

My vote - kill the crackle. Go black, a la shabby chic. I think it will look great!

SalGal said...

I can't get a good glimpse of what the new fabric really looks like, so I vote that instead of black, you paint a rich, chocolatey brown and NO CRACKLE FINISH!!! You could sand for effect, or you could also find some other kind of finisher coating that's NOT CRACKLE.

Color me jealous!

Allison said...

No crackle. Try the non-sanded edges first, then if you decide to add it, you can.

Also, I'd add a couple of top coats of satin polyurethane to help keep the finish from getting trashed (especially if your kids like to do crafty stuff at the table).