Sunday, February 04, 2007

Who needs joints?

Not me, for this update. Bullets are my friend.
  • Thursday's visit: We arrived at the agency and signed in. They paged the social worker twice. The receptionist left for lunch. We waited half an hour. No one ever showed up. I still don't know what happened.
  • S slept for two days straight with the stupid croup. Out for two days of school and home after sacrament meeting today. He is still wiped out starting about 7:30 p.m. But I think he can go to school tomorrow.
  • A learned about the First Vision in Primary today. G asked him if he believed in that story, and he said yes. Asked why, he responded, "People have pictures that show it." I think we might have to discuss the difference between photos and paintings sometime. Nonetheless, very sweet innocent faith.
  • I removed all the stuff from the kitchen counters and cleaned them with bleach. Guess what? My grout is white! I hate tile counters. Hate.
  • Also washed 7 loads of laundry and then hid it in the bedroom while feeding missionaries. Ever heard "out of sight, out of mind?" Yeah, I totally forgot it. It's still there, and I think it's growing.
  • I have to go to Las Vegas tomorrow and stay until Wednesday. Not my favorite town. But at least I get a nice hotel. Conference about animal research. Should be interesting. And I'm leaving my husband with the laundry unfolded. Me, guilty? Nah.
  • You may remember the rescheduled court date for Z's case is Tuesday. I am not sure what is going to happen but they still have not done the paternity testing. They called us, we called back, and then we heard nothing until Thursday, when they called again. I will call back tomorrow, but I can't see how it's going to get done in time for a hearing Tuesday.
  • Rockin' baby sale at JC Penney. Carter's, cheap.
  • Stake YW leadership meeting Thursday. Seriously considering skipping, as I am basically not seeing my family between now and then.
Crazy life. Bullet points absolutely necessary. Hold your breath; the week is about to begin.


SalGal said...

Do they still make Vivarin? 'Cos I think you're going to need it!

How can they possibly have the trial while you are out of town?!?!

SOOOOO sorry S isn't well. We all had it here, too. I'm starting to think it's the air though. The congestion's all gone, and yet the "wayyyy back at the top of my airway scratch" is still there. You know, when you breathe funny you start hacking up a lung?

((((hugs)))) travel safe!

Tammy said...

Ah Ana... you have so much going on now... Getwell Hugs to S and thinking of all of you tomorrow in court. I can't imagine that stress... breathing in and out with you. And btw, love the bullets!!! Sometimes that is how life happens isn't it???

Victoria said...

Hope S get's better quickly and all goes well in Vegas, have fun! Our prayers are with you all and Z. {{{{HUGS}}}}