Thursday, February 01, 2007


Two gassy awakenings, three bad dreams, one croupy cough and one jealous brother who still has to go to kindergarten.

One meeting with S for Z and me later today.

Did I say I was feeling good?

I wanna quit.


SallyGirl said...

Bummeroonie... we've all had the cough from you-know-where and if it doesn't get over soon, I don't know what!

Anne/2rosebud said...


I noticed that "croup" and "nightmares" happened in the same night for you guys....which made me think of our experience this week.

I recently realized that Jared has bad hallucinations/nightmares if we give him any cough medicine that has between 16 and 30+ mg of dextromethorphan. The Triaminic nighttime formula has only 15mg and doesn't give him nightmares, but wasn't working on supressing the nighttime cough at all. So, the doc prescribed something with 30mg of dextromethorphan and within an hour of going to sleep, the nightmares happened. I think he got up twice before midnight (Delsym will do the same thing to Jared, but works like a charm with Chloe). He also had prescribed a steroid to take for 2 nights to help with the croup. That did its job and stopped the barking, but the "regular" cough was still there, adn keeping him awake. So, he finally prescribed a cough med with codeine which didn't cause nightmares and let him sleep.

Croup is the worst!! I hope he feels better soon!

Kate said...

I hope the nightmares and the croup leave you soon! Sorry you had such a rough day!

Ana said...

Ooh, Anne, that sounds awful and scary! No medicine ... S won't take it at ALL. He'd rather cough. Sigh ...