Friday, February 09, 2007


Well, I don't want to travel again for a while. I pretty much always hate Las Vegas by the time I leave. This was a weird trip. The people at the conference really didn't gel into a group and it made it kind of a lonely time. The content was excellent (learning all about animal extremists, woo!) but no new friends. On the upside of that, I didn't have to miss American Idol or House on Tuesday. Not that American Idol is worth watching yet. We'll get there.

The other plus for this trip was the spa at the Mirage. I didn't even get any spa services, just paid to work out and use the jacuzzi and stuff. It was super -- so relaxing and I was treated so nicely even though I was the cheapskate guest! I now so want to do a spa thing with my mom and sisters sometime, or maybe with girlfriends. It would be amazingly fun!

My flight home was delayed and I got in at 12:45 AM Wednesday night. That sucked, big time. If you are ever tempted to fly directly into my little town in order to save an hour or two driving to the airport in a nearby larger town, just remember that if you are delayed by a couple hours it will nullify that time savings. And apparently it happens all the time. Wish I'd known. Also the little propeller planes you have to fly on to do that, which are "so Howard Hughes" according to my Pink-Floyd-listening taxi driver in Vegas, are incredibly loud and will leave your butt buzzing for hours afterward. Not in a good way, either. I am still tired from that stupid night.

A had a tummy bug when I got home so I kept him with me yesterday. The day was more or less wasted except for answering e-mails, taking Z to appointments, and turning in my expenses from the trip. So I still have a ginormous pile of work to catch up on. (I learned that word from the Beehives. Cute, huh? Ha --)

Onward ... yawn ...


Victoria said...

Glad your home safe. I am not one for Vegas either but that spa sounds nice!

Hope you get your ginormous work done and A get's feeling better. Hope your appt's with Z went well.

SalGal said...

Vegas isn't fun anymore after 21.

Glad you're back!!!