Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bad morning: a primer

See Ana. See Ana rush. Ana has an 8:30 meeting. Rush, rush, rush. Snarf oatmeal. Pack up baby. Take baby to sitter. Rush, rush, rush.

See Ana walk out to van. Look in van. Oh no! Oh no! Keys are on seat! Door is locked! Meeting is in 10 minutes!

See Ana sit in sitter's house holding baby for 45 minutes. See, life is not so bad. This is more fun than a staff meeting.

See Ana greet roadside assistance. What a good friend. Ana loves roadside assistance.

See roadside assistance unlock van. See Ana step up to door. See Ana step in pile of dog poop.

See Ana surrender to the forces of chaos.


Victoria said...

Poor Ana! Ana needs a car door with those push button locks. :P

Hope your day gets better. {{HUGS}}

SalGal said...

Forgive me for laughing... I do hope it got better!

Denise said...

See Denise laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Ana is funny. Ana will have a better day tomorrow. See Denise feel just a little guilty for laughing. Laugh, laugh, laugh.