Monday, February 26, 2007

All the little things

This is a list of all the little I need to do after the kids go to bed in the evening. Things that fall outside my normal weekly chore list of laundry, bathrooms, dusting and so on. So I always forget about them when I am actually home. Then when I am at work and supposed to be concentrating on other things, all these little things accumulate in my mind and drive me positively insane.

1. Polish my shoes so I look a little less homeless.
2. Iron all my work shirts so I can wear them; sweater season is coming to a close here.
3. Mend the pink couch pillow where someone who shall not be named cut a hole in the back of it with scissors.
4. Mend the second red couch pillow where it came unstitched.
5. Wash off the nasty, disgusting tops of the washer and dryer.
6. Wipe down the outsides of the kitchen cabinets.
7. File the big stack of papers beside my home computer.
8. Do my taxes.
9. Put sheets back on the twin beds in Z's room (no one regularly sleeps on these, so when I stripped them to wash them, I never quite got to the last part of the job).
10. Put ads on Freecycle and Craigslist for the stuff in the garage that I need to get rid of.
11. Clean out the top drawer of my nightstand.
12. Take pictures of all the residual tutus and put them up on
13. Try ironing the jute rug in the family room and put a real rug pad under it. (Do not be fooled by the promise of rug tape, people, for it will bind you with its flaxen cords and lead you surely down to hell)
14. Sort Z's 0-3 month clothes into stuff I can send to my sister M for her baby due in June versus stuff I have to keep for future accountability (basically, stuff my friends and family gave me, versus stuff I bought with Z's clothing allowance or stuff that S provided). Put it all in the garage.
15. Speaking of baby clothes, deliver gift sitting on my dresser that I intended to give at a baby shower two weeks ago that I ended up ditching because I was just too tired.
16. Put candles on the mantel to replace the ones I threw away in frustration over the weekend because the wicks were all buried.

Okay, that's enough. I'm starting to think now about the bigger things that really need to get done, like replacing all the blinds in the house. We have four windows with mini blinds. They all worked when we moved in two years ago. They are all now broken. Spawn of Satan window coverings.

Back to work. I hope I can leave home at home now.


Denise said...

We too have the broken blind look going on. I hate it. Still trying to figure out what to put on the windows that will resist curious kids and destructive cats. For now, it's fishbowl city!

Rachel said...

How do the tops of the washer and dryer get so disgusting? They are used to CLEAN clothes, yet my are just gross.

SalGal said...

I want new blinds...

melissa c said...

This is quite a list. I need to do some of these same things. These are things I think I would rather delegate!

Lisa M. said...

I have lists like this all over my house. I have lists that have lists, that have directions to lists.

There just never is enough time in the day it seems, is there?

Congrats to your sister.

And I love, your smile.