Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So, V tagged me to list six unusual things about myself. Nothing seems that unusual to me. I mean, I live with me every day. So it's all normal to me, ya know?

1. I used to have my own top-rated radio show. On this station. That's right -- Sundays, 5 - 10 AM, I was the top dog on the soft rock airwaves. It was a good gig for a high school girl. They are actually playing much cooler music now than they did then. Guess I was just 15 years too early.

2. Foster mom. You guys know all about this already. It's unusual because most people aren't foster parents. That's all.

3. After this weekend I will have watched every episode of Jeeves and Wooster. It is particularly satisfying to watch a few of this and then a few of House on DVD. Cute, rubberfaced Hugh Laurie, meet scary mean hilarious Hugh Laurie. Oh, you two are going to be great friends.

4. White parents, rainbow kids. Again, normal for me. But most families just don't look like mine.

5. Being on TV is a pretty normal part of my job.

6. Published in the Friend magazine. But not recently. I'm thinking mebbe they found the blog and tagged me as a Mormon of questionable standing. Hm. I would not get mad at anybody for not publishing my stuff; they paid me for it when I needed it, and I can't complain. But I would hate for anybody to think I'm going anywhere away from the Church. I'm not.


Bek said...

My little sister's best friend, Kim Webb is one of the editors/reporters at The Friend. There are litereally about 6 people that put that magazine out each month...

I love your 6 things...

Victoria said...

How cool on the radio station! I knew about Friends and they need to pick you up for another one, I love your stuff! Your my famous friend ;) lol!

SalGal said...

Dennie wants to know when we're going to the beach again. Do you see tidepooling in your future?