Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stuff 'n'stuff

Here is what I am loving lately.

Donna Karan Gold perfume, which I asked for for Christmas and did not get. So I did what any reasonable woman would do. I bought it for myself at Sephora in Las Vegas when no one was looking. It reminds me of the Laura Ashley No. 1 I used to wear as a teenager. (Sally kindly pointed out to me that I could still buy half a bottle on eBay. For like $150. Uh, I am just not that rich, plus it would bug me to have a used toiletry item.) This new perfume is still sweet and floral but a little more mature. I am walking around smelling myself all day and loving it.

Sephora. Holy cool. Because you know what I hate about buying makeup and stuff from department stores? Salespeople. Sorry, but they just make me freak out and run away. But at Sephora it is seriously as easy as buying drugstore makeup. The difference is that the products are actually nice.

Airborne or the generic version thereof. I was a Zicam fan before. And that works. But I got some generic Airborne type stuff for really cheap at BigLots. And I started taking it when I started feeling icky. It tastes okay, no chalky zinc tablet to chew, since you dissolve it in water like Alka Seltzer. And I am FINE! Two days later, no trace of the ominous ickies! That is something to shout about, so forgive my prodigious use of exclamation points! Thanks to this stuff I can actually smell my yummy new perfume!

Old-fashioned oatmeal. I think I have finally burned myself out on Kashi GoLean Crunch after eating it almost every day for ... oh, 5 years or something like that. What I am doing now is throwing a handful of oats in the microwave with skim milk for six minutes while I toddle outside to get the newspaper, then stirring in fruit or raisins along with about a teaspoon of chopped nuts. It is a yummy yummy breakfast and I think I am cutting back on the sugar. My mother is probably now in shock, as I railed against oatmeal for most of my childhood. I have learned the error of my ways! (By the way, mom, I now also eat tuna and eggplant. And like them. But you probably knew that.) This is where I am getting free audio loops for the podcast I produce at work. They are not half bad. I still wish for some original stuff. Musicians? Email me.

That's all. It was a short list but a good list.


Kari said...

I burned myself out on the Kashi Go Lean cereal (actually it was a few years ago when I ended up terribly ill and couldn't keep anything down) too.

And my favorite breakfast is exactly what you described above, only I make my oatmeal with water instead of milk, then I stir some skim milk in when it's done cooking. Some chopped apples and a few walnuts make it so delicious, don't they?!!

I am going to have to check out Sephora next time I get to Flat Irons Crossing Mall (our closest Sephora). Margie raves about that place too!

I've never tried the Airborne, just have never had faith in that sort of thing - but maybe I will now?

Victoria said...

I could never get into Kashi, I still have an old box in my pantry I really should just throw out, but I do love my my Oatmeal, but I am lazy and I like some flavor so I eat the low sugar apple or weight control cinnamon oatmeal, yummy.

I am going to have to go check out the perfume and makeup.

I have tried Airborne, I have a lot of luck with Emergen C, and so has my kids and dh, if I feel a cold coming on I take it and usually am fine the next day.

SalGal said...

I swear on my un-dug grave that ZiCam gave me a sinus infection. The spray-gel version of it, anyway.

And Sephora? Just got a catalog today. They have a store at the mall in Pleasanton. You know, just in case.

Kris... said...

I have been downing airborne like there is no tomorrow, and dang it all if I didn't STILL end up with this nasty crap going around. UGH!!!

We don't have a Sephora anywhere here, but I've tried some of their stuff, I think my sil makes some of it.