Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No roses

Can you handle more husband bragging from me? I know it probably gets obnoxious. Sorry. But you know I'm going to do it anyway.

Last night I was hammered -- in the most virtuous possible way. I traveled last week on business, flying in an airplane to do so, which means I am now fighting a cold and catching up at work. I was in charge of the Mia Maids activity last night. I have been getting up at night with Z so G can catch up on the work he couldn't do while I was gone last week. It all just feeds on itself, to the point where last night the house was trashed and the boys were only half done with their Valentines.

I went to bed at 10. As soon as House was over. How about that surgery and that thing he pulled out of that girl? I don't want to ruin it for you in case you Tivoed it, but that was pretty much amazingly gross.

Anyway, G stayed up, cleaned up, and finished up the Valentines. He let me get to work on time for an 8:30 meeting this morning and took care of refilling S's prescription and getting the boys to school. And he left me a sweet note and then emailed me to ask me how I was feeling.

Who in the heck needs roses? But the day's not over yet.

G is getting a Valentine card and a case for his iPod. I suspect he may have something else in store for me. But if not, seriously, his taking care of our family last night was enough. I am just so grateful to have the husband and the marriage that I have. I am a lucky, lucky mama.

(This picture, if you are not fortunate enough to know, is from No Roses for Harry, which I love.)

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you get pampered by somebody.