Monday, June 25, 2007

Time for a cool change?

I substituted in Primary yesterday, in A's class. It was so fun. Mainly because of a darling little girl I really want A to grow up and marry.

This cutie is half white, half Mexican, and she has the exact same coloring as A -- gorgeous tan skin, sparkling light brown hair. The youngest of three children, she is funny and spunky in the extreme. She is always on the move and has the cutest little rubberface -- super expressive. Last fall at the ward picnic she came up behind A and shouted "BOO!" He jumped about 3 feet in the air.

Yesterday, she came up with a couple of real gems.

We were talking about Alma the Younger and what his dad could do when this great big boy who was essentially a grown-up was misbehaving.

She said, "My brother is sixteen, and he still has to put his nose on the wall!"

Then, later, when we were drawing pictures, she came up and whispered very confidentially, "Everyone in my family has their own deodorant. Even me."

So, is it time for me to get out of Young Women?


Anne/2rosebud said...

Ah....she sounds like such a cutie! It think it's the age...we taught the 5 or 6 year olds for a year, and wow....if their parents knew what they shared with us!

Needless to say, when our kiddoes were that age, we were very careful not to give them fodder to talk about in class, lol.

Steelergal said...

That sounds just like my Primary class (6 & 7 year olds). We were talking about the miracle of the loaves & fishes a while ago and I asked the kids, "How do you think Jesus did that?". Blake (who is my favorite, even though we shouldn't have favorites) looked right at me and said, "Duh, Son of God?!". It was all I could do not to laugh...and really, where do you take the lesson from there? :) They're fun kids...


Denise said...

I don't know what your calling should be, but I now have the Little River Band playing a gig in my head. Thanks.

That girl sounds like a total trip. I love it! Yo, Alma! Nose. Circle. Now.