Monday, June 04, 2007

Group read

Our Young Women are reading the Book of Mormon together this summer. We are going to finish the whole thing before school starts.

Each girl (and each participating leader) got a new copy of the book, a journal, a cute little book bag, a red pencil and a chart to track her reading along with a letter from all the leaders challenging her to read the Book of Mormon beginning to end before school starts.

At the end of the summer we will have an outdoor testimony meeting out at the lake and share our experiences. But I don't really want to wait that long.

I am loving this so far. I'm a little behind (when is that ever not true for me?) but I am reading and finding new things to think about and feeling the Spirit more in my life. God has things to say to me and to give me, and all I have to do is just open the door a little tiny crack. I take one little step and I get these gigantic rewards. I am so grateful.

Anybody wanna join? It's not too late!

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