Tuesday, June 19, 2007

501 food

I just noticed that yesterday's dismal self-knockery was my 500th post on Watch Out for Mama. Hurray! Hurray!

In honor of post #501, here is something you would be just silly not to try.

Salmon and veggies en papillote

1 large salmon fillet
salt and pepper
several large, fresh basil leaves
olive oil

About 1 lb veggies of your choice -- try baby pattypan squash or baby carrots, or both

Tear off two large squares of aluminum foil. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil on each one and rub it all over.

Heat your grill to medium, creating an indirect heating area by leaving one burner off (or, if your grill has an upper rack, you can just use that).

Rinse the salmon and pat it dry. Salt and pepper. Wrap it up in basil leaves. They will stick right to the fish.

Place the fish on one square of foil, kind of on one side. Fold it over and then fold up the edges to create a little envelope.

Do the same thing with the veggies, seasoning them with salt and pepper before you fold up your envelope.

Put both envelopes on the grill. Turn halfway through cooking.

I will be really honest with you and say I did not time this recipe. It seems to be hard to overcook the fish this way because the moisture is sealed in the packet. 5-6 minutes on each side seems sufficient.

I worried about overcooking the squash, but they actually kept their shape and just acquired a kind of melt-in-your mouth buttery quality that was delicious.

I have also cooked this without the basil on the salmon, and just topped it with some fresh, homemade pesto once it came off the grill.

It's summer! Enjoy!


Anne/2rosebud said...

Oh, that sounds yummy! We love doing the indirect grilling thing.

Congrats on reaching your 501st entry! I just reached my 15th one yesterday, lol.

jamie said...


we have grilled salmon this way twice during the past week and it is so tasty! 12 min has been right on time wise for me - comes out moist and flaky!