Sunday, June 17, 2007


Church without Z about did me in. Tons of people our age were there visiting for Father's Day (our ward is normally mostly people my parents' age). Between all of their cute babies and all the family-oriented hymns for FD, it was hard, hard. I have not had a sacrament meeting that hard since before we had S when Mother's Day used to send me sobbing to the ladies' room. Today I wanted to leave after sacrament meeting, but G talked me into staying for Sunday school. Then I ran away and came home for a good cry all by myself!

It's funny because I was honestly okay with the visit all day yesterday, even though all day I kept thinking, "where's the baby?" We were up at Sally's all day and that helped distract me, I think. (You should see my cute red pedicure with daisies!) But then at night I had a hard time and at church today it was bad.

She will be back tonight ... it can't come soon enough for me!


Kari said...

((((ANA)))) I wish I knew what more to say/do?

And Congrats to Glenny!! WoooHooo on the PhD candidacy!!!

Ana said...

Thanks Kari ...

I think it is just something to get through, something to learn from. I don't know that anyone can say or do anything.

It is amazing how quickly everything returns to feeling right and balanced once she is back with us.