Monday, June 18, 2007

Belated day

Yesterday I was more or less too wrapped up in my own misery to be much good to anyone.

Can I do Father's Day over?

I did manage breakfast in bed (sort of) for G -- although he was already up and shaving by the time I got it done. Graciously, he got back in bed to eat his french toast and cantaloupe. And I did make a good dinner. And pie.

But I didn't even get a card or a letter done.

And I didn't call my dad.

What a loser!

1 comment:

Lisa M. said...

Yup, you sure can do Father's Day over.

You clearly have that right!

French toast and cantaloupe yum!

Hang in there girl- I can't imagine the struggle, but prayers and thoughts are being said in your behalf.