Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brain unload

The blog is sort of becoming my pensieve. It's useful. I absolutely cannot keep all this stuff in m brain.
  1. The boys need haircuts, super bad.
  2. I need to get the alignment fixed on my van.
  3. Also the stereo.
  4. Need to reschedule appointment for childcare subsidy for Z.
  5. Prepare Primary lesson for Sunday I'm subbing in A's class.
  6. Prepare lesson for Cub Scout Day Camp next week. I can't believe I'm taking a day off work for this. Basically what it proves is that I cain't say no. Can I get an Oklahoma hello for that? G? Anyone?
  7. G says he will freak out if I forget his aftershave and shaving cream at the grocery store this weekend. Remember this. G freaking out is not good. Sometimes I wonder if he has a Target phobia. I mean, really.
  8. I need to see a dentist. It's been a while.
  9. Have to schedule a home visit with the county social worker before the end of June.
  10. Have to start the process to get permission to take Z to Alaska in August.
  11. Have to figure out whether we are going to Arizona in July. Are we dumb? No, just wanna be supportive of yet another family wedding.
  12. Must convince family members to space out their weddings. I am running extremely low on vacation time.
  13. I need to start my not-gonna-sink plan of exercise and scripture study, because I think hard stuff is coming.
Now I'm gonna go start my list of things I have to do for my paying job today. It will be at least as long and intimidating. Joy!


Marie said...

Look at that list! You are quite the woman! Good luck accomplishing all of your goals.

SalGal said...

No weddings. Sorry. You have plans for the beach!

Ana said...

It's not the same weekend.

just me said...

definately go to phoenix - you KNOW you want to!!

Ana said...

It's Prescott, girl! And believe me, the prospect of lunch with you DOES add to the temptation! But it is still Arizona in the middle of summer!

SalGal said...

Run away! Run away! Plus, they might serve haggis at the reception. ;-)