Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sorry if you thought you were my best friend

It's really this.

It shuts up the parts of my body that are whining so loud I can't hear my brain. I won't mention which parts because I know some people are uncomfortable with the word uterus.


In other news, here is Z's vocabulary:
  • Hi
  • Hat
  • Hot
  • Daddy
  • Baba (bottle)
  • Mom
That's six words.

Here are the songs she sings, without lyrics but with near-perfect rhythm and pitch:
  • "Z-- is a Baby" (this is a proprietary family composition; I'm pretty sure you don't know it)
  • "High and Low" from the Little People airplane
  • "Patty-cake, Patty-cake, Baker's Man"
  • "The Eensy-Weensy Spider"
So she almost knows more songs than words. She walks around singing all the time.

Someday this girl will be a famous singer and I will be telling this story to reporters, or maybe an extremely aged Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy. (What's Randy's last name? I forgot. I don't have TV right now and have missed this whole season.)

Anyway, yet another evidence (along with the fondness for very dark chocolate) that she is my girl.


Tammy said...

Our constant joke here is that we're living a musical!!! Just wait til Z starts singing the words! Bug sings everything, and often it's nonsensical playing but she's still singing. And I love this about her!

As for being your best friend, I understand that there are days when others have to take my place (smile!!!). And sometimes for me too, its ADv*l or his other brother M*trin! (((Hugs))))

Crysty said...

What a little cutie!!!! I love to hear little ones who can hardly speak sing!

I think it's Randy Jackson?

Dana said...

Wow Ana! She is already so verbal.

We will all remind you of this post when you whine to us all that she NEVER SHUTS UP!! ROFL :P

SalGal said...

It's Jackson. Randy Jackson. And hey, we all know that the pharmacy is my best friend. No offense, of course!

Marta said...

Remember when K could only really say "me" and "no?" Yeah, now he says "I not a gurl!" and "Mommy, I want hot chocolate!" and "I Rat en touille." Z is starting out with a great little vocabulary, and I have a feeling she's going to get very funny, just like her big brothers. (And just as demanding and chatty too!)