Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One, two ...

Three, four. Thought you might need help there.

What's the significance of this series?

34 is the age I will be this Saturday! I am going to the temple in the morning with the stake Relief Society. Then in the afternoon/evening, Sally and her tribe are coming down to help me celebrate. She is even making me a cake! Any birthday where you don't make your own cake is a great birthday in my book!

The forecast is 81 degrees, partly cloudy. Could it possibly be lovelier?

I need help deciding what we should do!

1. Hassle-free: picnic in the park. Food by Port Of Subs. Kids playing. Adults chilling. No structure.

2. Harder but funner: Barbecue at the lake. Steaks for the bigs, dogs for the littles. Kids in the freakin' freezing water. Adults lounging on the grass, playing cards and gabbing.

3. Stressful but spectacular: Exploratorium in San Francisco. Leaving as soon as I get back from Fresno at noon. Lunch would be pb&j on the road. Dinner at In-n-Out. This would put me on the road for a total of 6 hours on my birthday, and that does somewhat suck. But the Exploratorium is mega cool and I have been dying to go with Sal and her kids.

What would you choose for your 34th birthday?


MaryRuth said...

BBQ at the lake...and maybe schedule the SF trip for a Saturday when you don't have any other plans... extend the birthday celebration!!!

MaryRuth said...

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Hmmmm... I think the spectacular plan sounds the best and most fun, but if you just want to relax I would do the subs in the park!



Kari said...

Happy Early B-day!! I would choose #2, only because it means less driving otherwise I'd choose #3.

Sounds fun!!

Heidi said...

I'd put the choices down on paper & then draw one from a hat, and if it wasn't the one I really wanted, then I'd draw another one, and go with that....be random, ya old one.

D said...

Happy birthday. You only turn 34 once so if it was me, I'd pick #3 and see if I can get a hotel thru priceline.com for the night if my budget allowed.

Marta said...

I would say, do the easiest, simplest. Save the above and beyond for another day, it's an excuse to get together again!