Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ding-dong, the witch is dead (no foolin')

They trailed the hearing again because the bio mother was not able to get permission to travel from her probation officer, and she does have a legal right to be present.

That is the only issue, though, and we are looking forward to a successful TPR on April 21!

In other news:

Instead of the scary mean social worker -- the one who told me that if I made waves I would never see Z again and never have another baby placed with me again and that when she moves kids she just gives them a toy and "they're fine" -- someone else was there, the social worker who taught our foster parent training class in Sept-Oct '06. We asked what she was doing and she said that the witchy SW quit - she was essentially forced out!

That made me almost as happy as a successful TPR! She will not be intimidating any more people or treating any more kids callously in that job, thank heavens!


Marta said...

I truly dislike people like that. It reminds me of teachers who hate kids. I would feel like asking that social worker, if you care nothing for the children, why are you a social worker for foster children?! It just doesn't make sense, so that is very good news that "she's gone where the goners go below, below, below." (I don't know if those are the real words, that's just what I heard the song say as a kid.)

SalGal said...

I am gobsmacked that she would think that giving a kid a toy would make them "ok"!!! Stupid cow.

Yay on Apr. 21st! We'll keep our fingers crossed double!