Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Here are some things that bug!
  • People who think they can do the work of a communications professional when their expertise is clearly elsewhere
  • Falling rapidly through three layers of backup childcare givers who decline to be with my baby all day when I wish, only wish, I could do that myself (Their excuses? Emergency oral surgery, a sick baby, and ... a concert? OK, whatever!)
  • This insane desire for peanut M&Ms when the office chocolate supplier is out of town and his usually-dependable candy jar is mournfully empty
  • Uncertain future
  • Not knowing where to start on my task list at 4 PM. What the crap can I do in an hour? Oh, I know. Blog.

1 comment:

MaryRuth said...

If you send me your address I would love to send you a bag of peanut M&M's... :)

Here's hoping your day looks up!!