Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeling rich - help me choose

I finished the taxes. Nothing like the last minute for a nice little adrenaline rush. In reality I was done a few weeks ago, but I had to make some calls to get Tax IDs from childcare providers and stuff, and just didn't get all the pieces put together until tonight.

So we are going to be feeling kinda rich in a few weeks, methinks. One part of the plan is a nice, kidless vacation for G and me after he defends the mountain hydrology masterpiece of a dissertation sometime later this year.

We are going to have our 15th wedding anniversary this August and this trip will be a combined celebration of that along with the Ph.D. and (we think) the fam being complete. Lots to celebrate! Plus, our original honeymoon in 1993 comprised 3 days in Park City. Not to complain about that, but it is time to do it up right.

Here's what we want: Something warm, probably with a beach, quiet, romantic, not too touristy but with amenities - we don't want to feel like we're camping.

Here are the contenders:
  • We went to Hawaii 12 years ago, to the Big Island and Oahu. Loved it, would totally go again. Might want to explore another island. Suggestions welcome.
  • A long time ago when I worked at WordPerfect Magazine someone mentioned Ixtapa. I was interested. I'm still interested. Somewhere on the Mexican Riviera might be great.
  • Somewhere Caribbean might also be fun, but I think it would cost us more since we are straight up West Coastin'.
  • Possibly, for a wild card, some funky beach location in Southeast Asia, Australia, or New Zealand. Again, cost is a concern, but you know, maybe we could find a deal!
So where would you go with your husband?

The photo, by the way, is Playa Linda in Ixtapa. Looks nice, huh? Good dream fuel.

I am also squirreling away some money for my own dream vacation when I turn 35 next year. By then of course I will be totally fit and strong and hot stuff and fighting off Parisian men with my chic little umbrella. And I'm not talking about Paris, Idaho, although I love it there, too.


Sara said...

Oh, I have a LOT of ideas! You know, working for Marriott and all. I may even be able to get you guys a sweet deal on a hotel room. We'll chat...

Ana said...

Oh, sweet! We will definitely talk!!

kris... said...

If I could go anywhere, it would probably be Mexico, or somewhere in the caribbean. But that's me looking out on three fresh inches of snow and anywhere warm looks good! A trip sounds heavenly

Heidi said...

uh, I'd settle for staying home & getting servants or something. A buttler - I need someone to buttle around me.

I love feeling rich - sucks for when I wake up, though! LOL!

Bek said...

I haven't been to Mexico but I have been to Hawaii MANY times. it is expensive...too expensive..from the flights to the rooms. You can get more bang for your buck in Mexico (I hear)... we know people who LOVE the area you are talking about. Plus, they have really great all inclusive resorts (and since you don't drink alcohol, it stays the same price).

It is hurricane season in the Carribean at that time, avoid it.

We have some friends that just came back from a vacation in Belize at Francis Ford Coppola's place Turtle Bay. They said it was AMAZING!!!

How fun!

SalGal said...

I vote for Belize!!! ACK! I just read everyone else's comments and someone beat me to it! And here I thought I was original... dang.

Holladay Family said...

Antigua is great. St. Lucia is divine. Anywhere with an all inclusive resort will be great for you!

Tonya said...

I have friends who vacation in Belize every year. They love it and recommend it to everyone they know.