Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hands on

Have I told you my S has the best teacher in the world this year?

He really does. She is the teacher from that story you may have heard told by Michael Wilcox - the one who finally sees the good in him and only the good - the one who remains unflappable in the face of his antics - the one who knows that teaching is not about testing, but about learning.

She knows they have to do the tests, so she designed an accommodation for my ADHD darling. He has an assistant sitting with him to make sure he fills in the bubbles correctly. She explained to him that she just wants to make sure the computer understands his answers, and she knows he will be able to answer all the questions correctly. Hallelujah for a teacher who knows that filling in bubbles is a giant obstacle for a bright boy with attention issues!

She is not in this picture. She took this picture. It's my S with a wildlife manager, putting a band on a baby owl.

They're also planting an organic garden.

Seriously! Could a third-grade teacher possibly be any cooler?

And can we move her up to fourth grade next year?


Deborah said...

You MUST give her a copy of this. It will make her month (says this teacher).

SalGal said...

I second Deborah! Teachers LOVE to hear things like this, and I wish more parents would think to say something when they have the urge to. Something nice, that is. ;-)

Ana said...

Actually I sent her an email before I posted this this morning. Maybe not quite so gushy. I don't want to clue her into my plans to kidnap her and take her with us wherever we go so she can teach all my kids.