Monday, April 28, 2008

The birthday report

Lake. Steak. Cake. All with my dear dear Sally and her fam. Who could ask for anything more?

But there was more. Here it is, with links to make it fun for you:
  • jewelry I gave myself made by Dana - the April Bracelet of the Month. Watch for it!
  • jewelry I got from my in-laws - a jade-and-silver dragonfly and cool green pearl drop earrings. They know I love green
  • a birthday card from the ward Relief Society
  • Thai food with my co-workers
  • an Obama birthday card from G (Headline: Baracky, with Obama in a "Rocky" victory pose - I LOVE IT!)
  • the new R.E.M. CD from G and permission to buy the new Breeders CD if I can find it (we live in funny little town that does not seem to have a lot of Breeders fans - I will probably just download it from Amazon)
  • an gift certificate (and you know I am all Amazonny) that I used to get a cute watch and a DVD
  • lots of snuggling with Z
  • watching The Martian Child with G. It had John Cusack and a happy adoption story - I'm a sucker for that
  • a very loud burp from the solitary boy in my Primary class. It took the class about ten minutes to recover fully from their giggles after that
  • new episodes of Ugly Betty and The Office to make me laugh
  • new issues of Sunset and Everyday Food to make me drool
  • Corn muffins from the aforementioned new issue of Everyday Food. ("Some chicken and a corn muffin well that feels more like love" - Paul Simon)
Really, it was awesome, and I don't mind at all being older than Jesus (I am now 34).


SalGal said...

You're so naughty... older than Jesus... tee-hee!

We had LOADS of fun on Saturday. I can't wait to do it all again next month!!


p.s. Tag, you're it!

Dana said...

I am so glad your day was great Ana!

Sorry your bracelet did not get there by your birthday. I tried. :)

Ana said...

It did! It got here ON my birthday! It could not have been better timing if you had delivered it yourself!

Syndee said...

Happy Birthday (a little late)!
It sounds like a wonderful day!

MaryRuth said...

YAY!!! Happy Birthday!!! So glad it was good one!

p.s. I loved the Jesus comment. :)

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Ana. Your day and celebration sound perfect.