Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kid prayers

So, K is almost 4 now. He makes sure to remind me of this at least once a day. Sometimes this means he's big (i.e., big enough to drive the car) and sometimes it means he's little (i.e., little enough to be wrapped up in a towel and carried like a baby after he gets out of the bathtub). It all depends on what he wants at the time.

This is also the age when I do completion-style prayers with the kids as they learn how to say their own prayers. Meaning, I start with "I'm thankful for" or "Please bless" and they say what they want to say.

Here's K's prayer from last night.

"I'm thankful for dinosaurs. I'm thankful for my class. I'm thankful for [unintelligible]. Please help me to kill all the spiders when I get big. Please help me to climb up a ladder with daddy.
Please help me to get my butt clean when I poop."

He's pretty much got all the bases covered, don't you think?

On another branch of the same topic, Z has learned to fold her arms and bow her head through the prayer. So dang cute!


Kari said...

Oh VERY cute!

Anne/2rosebud said...

Oh how sweet!!! That is the sweetest prayer! I loved the the clean butt part. My kids still need to pray for help in that department, lol.

Rachel said...

I hope he can kill all the spiders when he gets big. Thanks for the chuckle. That was great.

Mary said...

When is his birthday? I have a train cake pan at work that has his name written all over it. (Not literally.) Interested?

SalGal said...

Ahh.... if only a certain oldest and middle child could get that clean butt part down. Life would be sweet!