Monday, August 27, 2007

Swear obsession

As you all know, my kids are obsessed with swear words. Here is the latest transgression that had me about to explode with laughter.

A (Age 6): In the Book of Mormon it says "ass," but it means donkey. In Spanish.

You have to know that for the last two words there he was doing his best imitation of Steven from Nacho Libre.

Oh yes, we have a lot of culture around here.


LisaAnniePants said...

Bwa ha ha, what a quack up! "It's da best!"

SalGal said...

Chancho! I need some sweaaaaaaaatsssss... in espanish.

Ana said...

You know I am really just trying to get a harder rating for my blog by writing about swearing.

I wanna wiiiiin!