Thursday, August 23, 2007


Sometimes I just can't help myself.

For those of you who don't know already, I have a long tradition of spouting off in letters to the editor. When I was a newlywed living with my in-laws, I got all offended that the university was remodeling the chancellor's house while cutting academic programs. I wrote a big letter and got my whole family of in-laws to sign it, including my professor father-in-law. (Now, working for a university administration, I understand the allocation of funds for that kind of thing a lot better. That remodel was probably donor-funded or some such thing.)

Within three weeks of moving to our current town, I wrote another tirade about people in a wealthy neighborhood blocking an affordable-housing development. It took a while after that to break the ice with the people in the other ward who lived in the wealthy neighborhood. The affordable housing never got built. Affordable housing is an oxymoron around here, actually.

I've just sent another missive. Let's see what happens with it. If it's not printed by Monday I'll post it here. Hint on the topic: "September Dawn" and a really messed-up headline.


SalGal said...

You TOTALLY have to email me this headline!!!

MiniMarie said...

Oohhh I can't wait to see it.