Saturday, August 25, 2007

A quote I'm using tomorrow

“I am truly, deeply loved of the Lord. He will do all that I permit him to do for my happiness. The key to unlock that power is myself. While others will counsel, suggest, exhort, and urge, the Lord has given me the responsibility and the agency to make the basic decisions for my happiness and eternal progress. As I read and ponder the scriptures and with deep faith earnestly seen my Father in prayer, peace envelops my being. With sincere repentance and obedience to the commandments of God, coupled with genuine concern for and service to others, fear is purged from my heart. I am conditioned to receive and to interpret divine aid given to mark my path with clarity. No friend, bishop, stake president, or General Authority can do this for me. It is my divine right to do it for myself. I have learned to be at peace and to be happy. I know I will have a rewarding, productive, meaningful life.”

Quoted by Elder Richard G. Scott, October1981

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MiniMarie said...

Hi Honey, sorry to leave you a random comment. I could use some advice right now. Do you mind? If you have a minute the link below is to the post I just wrote. Thanks for your time- and your advice.