Thursday, August 16, 2007

My angels

Mom, Sally, Gladys, Mary, Molly, Marilyn, Karen, Lorena. And blog friends and board friends, all.

The errand of angels was given to you this week, and you have fulfilled it. Thank you for caring for me. I am so lucky and so blessed.

Also I'd be way off if I missed praising my dear wonderful G. There's no word for what he is to me.

I am still very empty and very hurt. But I know someday I will feel good again. Someday.


SalGal said...

My favorite hymn is "As Sisters In Zion". I think of every woman I know when we sing that, even the ones I don't like, and I really feel the spirit of the Lord reminding me that there's a reason we call eachother Brother or Sister So and So.

Love you, Banana Girl.

Kari said...

(((((ANA))))) You are not forgotten by us (or the Lord). You are truly one of the most giving people I know!