Wednesday, July 25, 2007


On ExII a while ago there was that fun "life in six words" thread.

I got thinking it might be interesting to do a day in my life, in two words per hour. Like for example today. Some of this is kind of predicting the future, obviously, since the day hasn't all happened yet.

6 AM: Roll over.
7 AM: Frenzied preparations.
8 AM: Minivan momma.
9 AM: Hippo sweat.
10 AM: Quantum dots.
11 AM: Sea lions.
12 PM: Copy editing.
1 PM: Deathly bored.
2 PM: Running errands.
3 PM: Marketing mode.
4 PM: Wrap up.
5 PM: Cooking chicken.
6 PM: Family dinner.
7 PM: Choo-choo train.
8 PM: Clean up.
9 PM: Finally, peace.
10 PM: Laundry piles.
11 PM: Blessed rest.

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