Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cold healthy snack ideas

- cooked, chilled, shelled edamame with kosher salt
- cherries straight from the fridge
- frozen grapes
- Yoplait Whips - stick 'em in the freezer - fluffy yummy
- strawberry banana smoothie
- Watermelon
- Cantaloupe with lemon
- Honeydew with lime
- Cucumbers
- Sugar free Jello cups - stick 'em in the freezer for a sort of Jello granita
- Breyer's or Dreyer's fruit popsicles (different, but both excellent)

Does all this mean I crave ice cream any less?

No, it doesn't. So look what I am getting!


Julie P said...

YUM. We got one like that (the ice-less ice cream maker) early in the summer. I LOVE it. We just made Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia last night. Oh. My. Yumminess. That's the best cookbook ever.

(hints I learned this week from Alton Brown about making ice cream in those...put the mixture in the fridge until it's really cold before putting it in the mixer. After it's done, stick it in the freezer for at least a few hours. You probably already knew that, but it made a huge difference last night!)

Victoria said...

I used to be a huge ice cream buff but the last year that has changed, it was! Looks like a neat maker, look for some sugar free recipes then it won't feel so bad going down. :)