Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy and expensive

We have approval to take Z with us to Alaska. YAY! We're taking Squishy Love to the amazing arctic! That's the easy part.

I've started the process of requesting approval to take K, as well. If that gets done, we're looking at $1000+ for a plane ticket for him, and we would have to rent a minivan up there instead of a regular car, which would tack on another $500 to our vacation total price. So much money!

But hey, there are seats on our flights. I'm holding them until we learn more. My gut says we are spending this money. We are lucky that we sort of can. I mean, it may go on the credit card for a month or two, but we will be able to pay it off. G and I agree that K just can't stay with anybody else. He has too much sadness already. And I still hope that maybe when I call the airline there will be someone compassionate on the other end of the phone who would offer us some kind of discount.

My gut also says that K might just stay. The social worker says he has family interested, but I'm skeptical. I think she might be BSing a bit; she admits herself that she has spent next to no time on this case. We shall see.


SalGal said...

Your lives always take such interesting turns! And you always end up super-blessed, too. I'm so glad K has parents like you to care for him and look out for his best interests! You guys rock!

Victoria said...

I hope it all works out Ana!! So exciting, prayers and hugs to all.

Lucy said...

You are such a compassionate and loving person. I love your openness and willingness to adjust, welcome, endure and appreciate your children. I hope everything works out for you.