Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Close to home

What is close to your home that you have always wanted to do but have never done?

I lived in Utah for ten years. Ten years, and I never went to Zion National Park or the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. That is just so sad! They were only a few hours away!

Close to me where I live now, I am happy to say that we go up to our nearby national park a few times a year, and we've now been to the gold country. I've been to the beach and to San Francisco, although let's be honest, we could all use more time in San Francisco for shopping, restaurants and shows. I've been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I take advantage of local farms and businesses.

Considering that a year from now I may or may not live in this marvelous part of the country, I need to do the following:

1. More beaches, especially renting a house for a beach vacation (my plans for that this summer were trumped by the need to travel for multiple weddings). I really want to go to the Cambria area.
2. Cannery Row stuff in Monterey
3. The redwoods and other way NorCal stuff
4. Exploring the Coast Range
5. Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park
6. Wine country - not for the wine, for the food, duh!

What else am I missing? I don't want to leave California with Zion-size regrets!


Julie P said...

You can't miss Cambria - it's one of our very favorite places!

MaryRuth said...

Ya I'm with you... grew up in Utah...lived there 23 years and have never been to Zion's, Bryce, Lake Powell, etc. I put 80% of the blame on my parents.

We made up for it with the different places that we've lived though... we love to be tourist in our area... excpet for here... its semi lame... just need to find the good in it. :)

Denise said...

I just counted, and I've lived in Utah for 19 years. And I've never been to Zion's or the Shakespearean Festival, either. It's not for lack of desire, though! We're planning a national parks trip either this year or next (finally!), and I've been dying to go to Cedar City for years, but what to do with the kiddos? Just waiting for the chance.

So you're not alone in your slothfulness. I have no idea what else you should see in CA, but I'm glad you're making the effort to see it!

SalGal said...

Hearst Castle and the Winchester Mystery House, baby!!!

Lucy said...

After leaving Washington, there were lots of things I am sorry we didn't do. Grand Coulee Dam...nope. San Juan Islands? Nope. Cascades National Park? Nope. And those are totally my kinds of things. It's the kids, I tell you...they suck the fun right out of me!

Not really, but it is harder to be motivated to do the BIG things when they have just as much fun running through the sprinklers in the back yard.

I loved Cambria and Hurst Castle etc. when I visited out there seven years ago. It was perfect.

Utahdoula said...

Point Lobos, just south of Carmel, is the most beautiful place in the world to me. You can hike all over (In 2003, I went all by myself and did all 10 miles in a single day, and it was heaven!), check out the tidepools (go right after a storm for best wildlife), see an old whaler's cabin with old equipment in it (SO glad I never wore a cast iron diving helmet!) and climb in the fat melting pots and see whale bones.
I highly recommend it.
Another fun one is the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.