Monday, April 02, 2007

By the numbers

Inspired by Bek's account, my weekend:

Asthma/allergy attacks: 1

Sessions of conference listened to online: 4

Fights between two little boys: Infinity

Bathroom floods (splashing-related): 2

Front yard floods (hose-play-related): 1

Soaked foam mattresses: 1

Inflatable toys inflated by children using an air compressor: 3 (amazing!)

Spray paint cans used for nefarious purposes: 0, but it was almost 1

Giant piles of bedding used to cushion kids jumping off the moving treadmill: 1

Minutes elapsed between the end of the priesthood session and my demand that G come home right now before I kill somebody: 21

Loads of laundry folded: 4 (only 4 this week!)

Dollars spent at Costco: 173

Mattresses removed from the top bunk: 1

Bins of toys dumped: 4, but 2 of them were dumped twice in the back yard, so really sort of 6+

Miles biked by S and his dad: 7.5

Miles driven by me to pick up saddle-sore S: 7

Snarky comments by me to G about letting him ride out further than he could ride back: 2

Times G has done this to me before (making me pick him up from a too-long expedition): 1

Episodes of House watched on DVD: 3

Episodes I had already seen: 3

Children I actually killed: 0 (yay me!)

The good things this weekend were Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Sierra Repertory Theater and The Pursuit of Happyness on DVD. And the steak I made yesterday (garlic and pepper, grilled to medium rare). That was pretty much it.

I am still working on the second Women in my History post. I know it's April already. Sorry.


Tandy said...

Ana, you have such an amazing ability to share your perspective. I love it! Sounds like your weekend went about as mine did...although I currently only have one tornado in my house. The babies are relatively easy to control. The 4yo is a different story. ;)

SalGal said...

Love you, Banana. (((Hugs)))