Friday, April 27, 2007

Book lust

Well, nobody gave me a big ol' stack of books for my birthday. What were you all thinking?

Okay, I am kidding, but I just picked up the UC Press catalog from the breakroom at work and I am in total book lust.

Here are the ones I'm yearning for most:
Problem 1: That is probably approaching $200 worth of books right there. But we can overcome that. Hello, library.

Problem 2: With all this interesting nonfiction, how am I going to keep up with my novels?


Teri Le said...

Have you ever been to It's a GREAT way to recycle those old books you have lying around in order to get new ones. You'd be really surprised about what's available on there.

Sure wish I had time to read! Wanna read a textbook? ;)

SalGal said...

I hear you!! I have been revisiting old favorites from my tween-hood (Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Witch of Blackbird Pond) but also dying to read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" plus about 9,000 other books on THE LIST.

Can't we get Superman to rewind a bit of time for us? ;)

Brooke said...

hi... i just stumbled here and was intrigued by your book list. i too have a list (i'm gathering that we all do?) and had to laugh at your "not having enough time for your novels" comment-- my problem is not having enough time for my scriptures! how horrible is that???

Ana said...

Brooke, yeah, that's one of my problems, too. I wasn't going to admit it, though!