Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The making of a nerd

Let me preface this whole story by saying I have no problem with any of it. In fact, I'm quite proud. We all know that nerdy is the new hot. Or hawt, just choose your preferred spelling. So I think we are doing an excellent job of encouraging that.

S's second-grade class has been learning about how to find information. Something about that has caught fire in his little brain.

Last night he asked if he could have an encyclopedia for his birthday. This is the first time he has requested something not related to computers or video games since he asked for Legos when he turned five.

When he was supposed to be in bed, I happened by and saw him pulling books off the bookshelf, one by one, to take to bed with him. He must have chosen twenty or thirty. He looked up at me and said:

"I love research."

The child of a Ph.D. to be and a university staffer, to be sure. And all kinds of nerdy.


Deborah said...

You *have* to share this with his teacher! Trust me, it will make his/her day. Fabulous.de

SalGal said...

Too cute!! I wonder if it's first child syndrome for all oldest children to be freakin' geniuses?

Bek said...

That is adorable. This year on a recent trip to the dump, Lauren found the E volume of a childrens encyclopedia. She read it and re read it.

I bought her the whole set (circa 1959) on Amazon and she reads it EVERY NIGHT. I have fond memories of reading the encylopedia as a child.... I think in the world of internet, we forget how having an acutal book can be so much fun....

Teri Le said...

I *love* it!

I was such a nerd in High School I spent my entire spring break in the library doing a research paper. I'd grab a huge pile of books and surround myself with them. I'd dig through the books to find the ONE quote that fit.

I think the librarians hated me for having to reshelve all those books.

Yeah for future nerds!!!