Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update on Z-dawg, as G calls her

My superfriend V asked for an update on the baby. I thought I'd share it with everybody.

Z is doing awesome; she is just chubby and good natured and funny. She "sings" when there is music and laughs when you pretend to munch on her big Buddha belly. In the last week she has found her left thumb and loves to suck on it with her two little fingers up over her nose. Cutest thing ever! She has stick-straight hair that sticks up all over now except in the back there is still a chunk of long newborn hair that looks like a little duck tail. At the doctor on Friday she weighed 16 lbs 11 oz. My little chunker!

As for S (biological mom) she is still doing well. On Friday she came to the doctor's appointment. The rehab center let her bring a van and another patient who is doing well, and come without supervision. She also brought her 3yo daughter who looks a lot like Z and is ultra cute. S and I agree that the main difference is that Z just looks more Mexican (which she is). We think it is in the eyebrows. Z has very dark, thick eyebrows!

There is a supervised visit at the agency on Thursday. This will be the first time I meet the new social worker, who is a "reunification" social worker.

My gut feeling as to what will happen is that when they re-evaluate the case in court in a couple of months, Z will probably be placed with S for a while in the rehab center. And then when S gets out it is anybody's guess as to what will happen. I think if she can keep it together she could be a good mommy. There is stuff she does that I would not do; for instance, she was really pushy trying to get her 3yo daughter to hold and kiss Z. 3yo barely knows S (she was removed from her 2 years ago) let alone this new baby who is supposedly her sister. That was a little uncomfortable.

S has experienced a lot of loss and gotten herself in the clutches of some bad, bad stuff. She does not have a good support system. Her chances, honestly, are slim. And if she screws up, then Z will come back to us, to stay.

By the way, haters ... if you're still out there ... this is not baby gimmies or vulturish behavior. It's just the very sad reality when meth addicts have babies. And yes, I may benefit from it.


SalGal said...

So glad to hear about baby girl! I just realized I haven't seen her for ages! You'll have to snap some pix. And don't even acknowledge the mean people. They suck.

Tammy said...

THank you for the update on Z. I am thrilled she is doing well. Ana, I could have written this post about both First Mom's of my kids. Your heartfelt (and that is how I see it) assessment of the reality of the situation comes through. Although K and V are not meth users they are struggling with something equally (imo) as addictive and harmful. All the kids they chose to parent (Bug has two sisters, Si has a brother) are currently in foster care. It does break my heart. Because addiction reeks. And I hate to see this for the kids' sake. Maybe they will make it... you can only hope... but I'm no longer as idealistic as I was when my kids were placed with me. I thought their First Moms would be okay. But they haven't been able to get healthy and stay healthy. And that, sorry, is not a life for a wee one to grow up in the middle of.

Hug Z for me!!! And take one for you as well...

Kristine said...

I am so glad to read an update.
I have been wondering daily, so it's nice to put my curiousity to rest.

Hope work gets a little better.

Julie P said...

Thank you for the update. Praying for your family and baby Z!

Victoria said...

Your just awesome Ana, an incredible strong woman and a great mother. My prayers continue for the best of everyone. Love ya