Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More randomness

I am far too lazy to assemble a real post. Pick your favorite topic below and talk amongst yourselves.
  • G e-mailed me the following: "Did you know that Kim Deal was recruited to the Pixies from an add for a bassist who likes Husker Du and Peter, Paul, and Mary? Just thought you'd like to know that." So do you think most Pixies fans also enjoy Husker Du and PP&M? I know I do.
  • The second graders came to campus today for a field trip. Highlights: A Nintendo in the dorm and a wild baby bunny on the lawn. I had to get back to work before they toured the library. G joined them instead. I hope they learn more about research. (I am connecting the dots here and appreciating a cohesive teaching plan!)
  • Next week in YW we are making books for Mother's Day. If you are my mom, stop reading, you might be getting one of these and I would hate to ruin your surprise. So the books will have quotes, coupons, and "thought" pages where the girls can fill in the blanks for things like "I will always remember when we ___________" or "When I am a mom, I hope I can ___________ just like you." So the girls are mostly coming up with all the material, but do you have any good quotes or poems about mothering that I can include?
  • I am so happy I chose not to wear any eye makeup today. It means I can scratch my allergy-plagued eyes as needed. It's insane out there! Everything is popping!
  • G is defending his orals on May 21, officially. The kids and I are going to skedaddle up to Angel's Camp on the 19th to get out of his way -- good timing with the condo, Dad! I need to figure out how to make his life as easy as possible until then. Maybe I can hire a maid. Because seriously, I think his share of the housework is taking up an awful lot of his study time and I don't know how I can do more than I am doing. On the road to Dr. S ...
  • My number one hitmaker for this blog is now officially the vegetarian alfredo recipe I posted when I had a surfeit of tofu. In fact, it is #2 when you google "vegetarian alfredo." OK, that's exciting! Welcome, veggie friends! I am only part time veggie but I do love me some tofu!

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