Friday, April 06, 2007

You be me for a while

Come live in my bargain-shopping world. Just for a minute. C'mon, it's really fun.

(Hint: if you are a Coldwater Creek customer already, wait for the 50% off everything e-mail and you can get this entire ensemble for not much more than $100, including $50 for the shoes from eBay.)

Wear this:

And this (the one I actually have is a more usual jean-jacket style that is gone now, but this one is adorable and I am sorely tempted to add another jean jacket to my collection):

And these (slightly different from my tan Born wedge slides today, but when you buy on eBay you take what you can get. And these are way cute):

Carry this:

Congratulations! You are ready to drive with the windows down, buy strawberries at Yang's produce stand on the way home from work, and go to a play with your husband tonight.

I love, love, love April in California!


Kari said...

I LOVE it!! I would let you shop for me any day of the week!!! That jean jacket IS to die for!!
I must go take a peek!!

Heidi said...

I love your style! I'd totally wear it if the body permissed! LOL!

Bek said...

I want that dress... you have such good taste....

How does one become a coldwater creek customer (and did you know there is one here... come visit!!)

Denise said...

Coldwater Creek makes me happy. Have you ever read their print catalog? I did an entire blog entry about it once. It's all sorts of fabulous. Next time they're doing 50% off, let me know!

Ana said...

Heidi, if I can wear it you can totally wear it ... the dress actually has a bit of a high waist and is surprisingly flattering.

Bek, I am seriously considering playing hooky either Tuesday or Thursday to take my kids out your way for some fun so they don't have a totally lame spring break. Watch your email.

SalGal said...

Happy Easter! I hope Yosemite was kind to you on Sat. we missed you guys!