Thursday, May 04, 2006

Woody's Wound-up

Today I took my little guy over to the elementary school for Kindergarten Round-up. This momentous occasion occurs 26 days before his fifth birthday -- and yes, he's counting. One day he is so excited to be five he is buzzing ("I think I'm gonna like salad when I'm five, he says) and the next he is crying because the magical day is never going to come. It's tough to have a birthday at the end of the month.

For a few days, I was feeling wistful. As an adult, do I ever look forward to something with so much emotion? What in an adult life could be as exciting as turning five?

Then G left for the first long week away, running samples at Livermore. Tomorrow he comes home. Yayyyyyyy ... single parenting sucks. I say that with utmost respect for those who are doing it because they must. I don't wanna do it anymore. I will be doing it again next week. Pluh.

(This other picture is just here to make you jealous. We went to Farmer's Market tonight. It was a little short on the farmers, a little long on the junk. We got strawberries, cookies, kettle corn and candy. So now you understand the word wound-up in the title of this post. I think I might stick with the Saturday market this year. Still, these almost-wine-colored berries are worthwhile. We also got free kites from a bank that had a booth set up. Score!)


SalGal said...

OK, remember that thing I got for your birthday? Quit posting better strawberries than mine or I'm takin' it back!

Ana said...

Oh, you don't even WANT that thing! Although you might have to force yourself to watch the movie so you can play it with me! GOSH!

(I swear it will get funnier AFTER you watch it!)

(Sally hasn't watched all of Napoleon Dynamite, you guys.)

(Got your armor on, Sal? Haha!)

Christopher A. Wheeler said...

Oh man them berries look good. I can't wait until our farmers market starts next week. You should try to convince my wife to go with me.

ridgechick said...

Ha, Ana, just so you know... I'm his wife! And... after the warning about more junk than farmers, I'm not so sure. I love the salad comment, we hear that a lot from our kids too "I think I'll like [add various fruit or vegetable] after I turn 8".


Ana said...

Our Thursday market is actually the "Downtown Merchants Festival" which means it is more a sidewalk sale/fair with some farmers thrown in. It is more worth it later in the summer because the fig lady comes. Fresh figs, YUMMY! With almonds and honey, YUMMMIER! Makes me feel like some kind of Mediterranean princess!

Our Saturday market is a lot more of a traditional farmer's market. Best place ever to get watermelon and corn. Makes the hot misery of a Merced summer quite worthwhile!

Kate and Christopher ... you guys should come to California sometime! I will certainly show you around and you will see a lot more brown people at church! ;o)