Friday, May 19, 2006

Overshadowing the general low-level crap

So today I wrecked my minivan and had to cancel my girls' weekend trip. Boy are my husband and kids going to be surprised to find me at home! Boy are they going to be surprised that the mommymobile is out of commission! I am trying not to think about it too much.

Imagine my delight when I logged on to Rhapsody and discovered that Paul Simon has a new CD! There are only a few artists whose work I await. Indigo Girls, U2, Sheryl Crow, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Alison Krauss. I used to feel this way about Elvis Costello and I still do buy his CDs but I just ... I miss the late 80s Elvis. It's still good but I don't feel it the same way. Oh, also Coldplay now, I think. I'm hooked.

Back to Paul. The man has never made a bad CD until now, and 3 songs in he appears to be keeping up the streak. Brian Eno coproduces and it adds a definite clubby/experimental/Brit Pop flavor.

Also, Keane has a new single that is quite good entitled "Is It Any Wonder." I fell in love with Keane because the vocalist reminded me of Freddie Mercury on the debut CD Hopes and Fears. They're rounding the bend a little stylistically with this single; it's worth a listen.

And you might want to check out a sultry Swede named Janita, who sounds a little like Sade mixed with Norah Jones. Although I no longer think anyone in Depeche Mode is even remotely sexy, Janita's cover of "Enjoy the Silence" reminds me why I once did.

Not thinking about the car, not thinking about the car ...


Selwyn said...

Bother about your car!

Hope the music dulls your pain=)

Utahdoula said...

Oh no! Are you OK? I hope you're not hurt. Is this the minivan you bought from my friend K.S.?

Ana said...

Yep. Same minivan. I really have tried to take good care of it, but ...

So far they are estimating $4k worth of damage. $1500 more and they total it. I'm rooting for the total, actually. That's how bad it is.

I am 100% fine though. Not even sore (so far). Thanks!

s'mee said...

WAH! I totally feel your pain. I am SO sad for you and the car. Ugh I so hate accidents, but seem to total a car on the average of every three years (long story).

Any who, hmmm on the paul Simon. #5 LOVES him, this will disappoint. The flip side is that we are Chris Issak fans and he has a new double cd/dvd which freakin' rocks. hummala hummala

gotta go take a cold shower now.