Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Antsy afternoon

I steamed through my work list today. I was just on fire! Sent a press release, revised some copy, routed a couple of documents. It's kind of fun on days like this when I am able to just put the finishing touches (more or less) on several projects. It makes up for the weeks prior when I have been chipping away at them little by little and not feeling like I am getting anything done.

The problem is that now it's only 3:something o'clock and I am feeling like I ought to be done for the day. I also have a huge list of things I want to get done at home, and I'm wishing I could just go there and get started on that list. Clean the nasty ol' goldfish bowl. Put away all the laundry. Grill up a whole bunch of chicken on my pretty new BBQ. Make my menu and grocery list for next week. Get S caught up on his school-assigned reading for the week. Get the stinky little kids bathed. Put them to bed in clean sheets. Make some tutus in custom sizes for dear friends who have requested such.

I'm afraid by the time I actually get there I will have run out of steam.

I sit at my desk at work and think about home. I lie awake in bed at night and think about work. Something is the matter with this picture. Okay, that part about lying awake in bed might have been because I had a Diet Coke last night, something I rarely do. Caffeine! WOO! Contrary to appearances, though, I do not currently have caffeine in my system, only DayQuil.

Oh, maybe that's the problem.

The good news is I do get to take off fairly soon, as G is out of town at the moment and I need to take over his usual kid pickup duties. I have this funny thing where I want my kids out of their daycare situations well before 5 p.m. It just makes me feel like a better mommy. (Did you notice I said daycare? I used to not be able to say that word. Daycare! Daycare!)

Okay, maybe I can cheat and do the menu and grocery list before I go ... that might be good.


Bek said...

You are such a good cook. I made the, yummy.

I am sorry I missed you guys last weekend. We should plan it again.Really. I would love to meet you in person. How is the fund raising going? I am keeping my eyes peeled for you.

SalGal said...

Ana, you are so on top of it! What an awesome mom you are!

And in case you didn't notice, I was the one scarfing down most of the Symphony bar, not you.