Friday, February 22, 2008

Rainy weekend with 4 kids

And just me on the grownups' team.

Give me some ideas.

I am starting to panic.


Utahdoula said...

Got a video camera? Help them make up a skit or puppet show and video tape it, they'll watch it for a long while.
Or, just show them any old home movies you might have of themselves.

Bek said...

Ummm .... no idea. I only have three at home and I am the only one on deck. And enormously pregnant. And moving in a few weeks. And wondering why my son cries for 8 hours a day and has become totally neruotic.

So, at this point my options are Benedryl for everyone (they will all be in coma's for days) or WAYYY too much tv... ;-)

P.S. I can usually get some mileage out of pipe cleaners, putting them in the tub (no water yet) and telilng them to "clean" it w/ shaving cream and the McDonalds playground. THat is all I have

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Wad up pieces of paper (preferably already used so as to not waste a bunch of paper) turn around furniture, pick teams and have a "snowball" fight. My mom did this one rainy weekend when I was little and we had the best time!


Mary said...

Your husband is being so cute with Noah, by the way. Once someone gives Noah any attention at all it is all over and he won't let them out of his sight. They have just spent the last 4 hours together! G is such a good sport.

Ana said...

Well, we survived. My strategy was to embrace the chaos and pray a lot. No big fun activities ... just a way lot of Wii and a way lot of legos and blocks and messes.

And we ate corn dogs and Eggo waffles. Yeah!

SalGal said...

I got no sympathy for you. We have minimum week this week.

Bek said...

Did you survive?